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Everyday Bitcoin the CryptoCurrency is get more Popular because of his Secure Wallet and Safety.Bitcoin is more Secure other than Currencies. Bitcoin is only a online digital  not a Physical Currency we can’t touch this Currency like others. best way to earn money through bitcoin.

Create Bitcoin Wallet:

To earn online you need a bitcoin Wallet where you can Send or Receive bitcoins it is very easy you just have a active email account Visit Blockchain website and Signup a free bitcoin wallet then you can verify Account through your email account and enjoy earning.

There are many ways of Earning Bitcoin these are given below:

1-Earn free bitcoin for Viewing ads:

Earn Money bitcoin through view ads

This method is very easy for earning bitcoin because just Click ads for few second and receive small amount of bitcoin.Daily watch 5 to 60 seconds and earn money.One view ad price is 0.0000010 BTC. If you can view 30 ads per day then you can earn huge Satoshi.

There are many online ad views website that can give Btc  in time like BtcClicksfamilybtc etc.

2-Earn Bitcoin through Mining :

Earn Bitcoin through minning

mining is the Process which Bitcoin is generated.When Bitcoin Solve a Complex Problem then Bitcoin is generated.

Bitcoin mining is a Costly and timely work.Bitcoin mining is difficult other Cloud mining because Cloud mining is affordable fees and daily add bitcoin in your wallet.

If you Bitcoin mining free in your Home than Recommended Softwares are ComputtaAwesome MinerNiceHashMiner etc.

If you are interested in Cloud mining then Recommended Sites are Hashflare,Cryptomining Farm,Gensis Mining etc.

3-Bitcoin Trading:

Earn money through bitcoin trading

A good way of bitcoin earning is a bitcoin trading.Bitcoin trading is a profitable business now a days because bitcoin Pricing is up or down daily.

Forex Traders allow you to buy bitcoin with payment cards or bank transfer then you can Convert into CryptoCurrency and when price is up you gain profit but you have a trading skills and Experience.

4-Earn through Playing Casino games:

Earn bitcoin through casino games

Another way of earning is the casino games it looks like the simple way of earning but we don’t guaranteed you win.It has many gambling issues if you play this game then we recommend you to play with initial deposit don’t play with big money.who knows,may be you lucky and multiply your bitcoins.

5-Various bitcoin faucets:

bitcoin earn from faucets

Bitcoin faucets is another and popular way of earning small amount of CryptoCurrency. There are many bitcoin dice websites where you get 0.00001 BTC every 5 minutes.You can Claim Satoshi in every 5 minutes it is small amount but better for nothing.

Bitcoin Faucets website are Freebitco,Family btc etc

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